Who we are and what we do.

Who we are and what we do.

The Truth Church is a community of believers helping people overcome their challenges, connect with their true purpose in God, and live a life that changes lives.

Our Leaders

Pastor Charles Daniels Jr. and Lady Tesa Daniels is the power couple God has chosen to raise up a new generation that will turn the world up-side-down with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The life-transforming preaching of our pastor will speak directly to the broken, torn, and wounded places of your life inspiring faith in God and his restoration power. The fiery anointing upon our first lady will burn away all oppression, depression, and discouragement in your life. Their ministry has touched many lives and we believe many more will be impacted for the glory of God, including you.

Our leaders have been validated by God. Supernatural signs and wonders accompany their lives and ministry. God is with them as they advance the Kingdom of God.

Our leaders are covered by Apostle Tony Wade and Pastor Felecia Wade, the senior leaders of Divine Life Church.

Our Mission

Our mission is to impact the lives of men through the sharing of God’s word and demonstrating His love.

Our Seven Principle Values

  1. We Value the Bible – We will live according to the foundational principles of the bible, by which the transformation and enhancing of lives takes place; faithfully teaching and proclaiming its truth without compromise and in a culturally relevant manner. God’s word is the instrument that affirms the directions and decisions we make, amid all of life challenges.
  2. We Value Evangelism – We will be intentional with our evangelism efforts to fulfill the Great Commission (Mark 16:15), seeking and attracting unsaved and un-churched people of other races, cultures, and socio-economic classes, to equip them with the tools necessary to effectively evangelize their communities.
  3. We Value Fellowship – We are committed to the fellowship of the believer for strength, encouragement, love, comfort, and support.
  4. We Value Holiness – We value holiness and are committed to making it the essence of our lives by surrendering ourselves to God’s will in total obedience; offering Him our willing service with pure hearts.
  5. We Value Prayer – We will continue in prayer always as it is the means by which we are able to cultivate our relationship with God, harness the power of God, and be effective witnesses. Prayer guided by the Holy Spirit is absolutely essential to the life of the believer and the church, and must NEVER be abandoned.
  6. We Value Outreach – We will emphatically use our resources to reach out to those in need through programs that help marginalized people who have been hurt, homeless, poor, and incarcerated; those who have been challenged by substance abuse or suffered physical, verbal, or emotional abuse.
  7. We Value Faith – We will trust in God in every area of our lives, and teach others to apply faith to all they do. For we walk by faith and not by sight: II Corinthian 5:7. The church is founded upon faith, and must sincerely guard this great gift.


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